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Spa days are not just for hoomans.

Treat your pal with our industry-leading grooming and dog spa services.

Our dog grooming specialists will provide the best breed-specific, doggie day spa health and wellness treatments to keep your best friend well-kept and fresh! 

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Whether your doggy requires an express trim, a fresh makeover, or a special treatment, our knowledgeable bathers will have your dog feeling and looking terrific in no time.

Manhattan Doggy Groom & Room offers the best New York dog spa services that range from fast trims, breed specific haircuts, complete clipping/shearing, de-matting, shed control brush-outs to blueberry facials, ear cleaning, teeth brushing, gland expressions, nail trims, and paw balms.

We wash the doggies in a range of products and make suggestions depending upon the dog’s fur and skin requirements.

We are proud to offer items that have your beloved pets leaving our spa not just looking and smelling fresh, but feeling healthier

All our products and conditioning treatments vary from Shed Control, Brightening, Blackening, Oatmeal Bath, Mineral Bath, Scent Control, Coat Specific, Senior Formula, De-Skunking, and Flea & Tick.

At Manhattan Doggy Groom & Room, we want to ensure that every dog that receives one of our health and wellness treatments looks and feels much better.

If your doggy has eczema, hives, a greasy/oil coat, loss of hair, or locations, we have products that can treat it. Even if your dog does not have a skin or coat problem, your doggy will constantly get a premium bath that will leave them well-kept and smelling fresh.




Why are doggy spa services?

At Manhattan Groom & Room, your doggy’s grooming is customized so you can be sure your doggy is having an unbelievable elegant spa experience.

Manhattan Doggy Groom & Room is a doggy spa that will inform you of the services your dog might require, as well as address any issues your canine presently has.

Let us be your go-to doggy spa for all your pet grooming requirements in Manhattan. All of our treatments consist of hypoallergenic items and healing techniques to ensure the health and wellness of your dog.

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What is included in a doggy spa treatment?

  • Consultation with our bather/masseuse 
  • Blueberry facial
  • Ear cleansing
  • Shampoo & conditioner
  • Anal glands inspect and treatment
  • Nail trim
  • Brush out and hand blow out
  • Tons of love & attention
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TREAT your doggy to one of our relaxing treatments: 



Restorative Mud Treatments

Helps eliminate joint discomfort that typically stems from arthritis and any skin problems.

​This treatment will promote a strong and gorgeous doggy coat.

Deep Conditioning Treatment

A treatment that will hydrate your dog’s skin and hair.

​This service consists of oatmeal, well-balanced products and a deep conditioning spray to finish.

Paw Peaceful Massage

Our doggy approved massages consist of a series of methods such as deep and soft tissue, trigger points, and aromatherapy.

​Your doggy will feel renewed and stimulated after a session with our lead masseuse Sherri!


Pick from a range of colors. We will paint your doggy’s nails, leaving them feeling magnificent!

Hair Dye & Style

(Groom add-on service). A vibrant addition for your pooch! Select from: Tail, mohawk, or feet color.

Doggy Detox

A combination bundle that will leave your doggy feeling brand new! Includes a bath that uses protein-enriched tea tree products, aromatherapy massage, finished with a fur mask treatment.

Flea, Tick, & Mite Treatment

We provide specifically medicated products to ease your doggy of these pesky animals.

Fur Mask

A foam mask scrub that hydrates and exfoliates. Helps prevent any future spots and leave your dog’s face smelling scrumptious!


Our rates are based upon your puppy’s skin condition, coat, and hair type. 

Rates differ depending upon his/her weight, level of the problem, and the time invested in getting spoiled. 

Please give us a call for more information!

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