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It’s no mystery, doggies like their people and the desire to e around the all the time!

​Instead of leaving your dog in the house all alone or paying for a pet nanny, let your doggy socialize with fellow canine friends (and our dog-obsessed staff) at Manhattan Doggy Groom & Room.

Our indoor play area has plenty of exciting playground equipment, toys, and other friendly doggies to keep your beloved best friend entertained and taken care of, all day long. 

Whether you want to give your dog a dose of daily social play, or make some friends before or after a pet wash/grooming session, our experienced and caring team will make ensure your pet receives the proper attention and play they deserve.

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Manhattan Doggy Groom & Room Daycare services include:

  • Professional Pet Sitters on Site
  • Live Web Cam Available
  • Daily Pictures and Report Cards
  • Atmosphere Controlled Environment
  • Medical Quality Air Filters 
  • Soft Rubber Floor Covering
  • Abundance of Toys
  • Full-Time Surveillance by Trained Tea

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At Manhattan Doggy Groom & Room, we usually have the same dogs come in daily, which means your beloved pet will be able to make some friends. 

Not only will your dog love our climate-controlled environment, but we also provide fun music, fun play toys (like tennis balls) and comfy cots that take into consideration nap time. 

We will always consider a dog’s individual needs to ensure your doggy receives the best daycare in Manhattan. 

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How our doggy daycare works

Our facility features three playrooms for small, medium and large dogs. Each room has constant supervision and the full attention of our staff.

Beds are provided for periods of relaxation between active playtime, and all dogs are walked every two hours. Feedings are arranged to accommodate the specific dietary needs of your little guy or gal. Our daycare dining is designed to make sure your dog is nourished and recharged as you see fit.

Our doggies are separated into various play areas based on size and disposition to ensure a pleasurable and safe environment for everybody. Each play area is equipped with toys, sleeping cots, water bowls, and even a human to monitor the daily festivities that take place each day. 

Beds are provided for periods of rest between active play time and if you would like your dog to be walked, this occurs every 2 hours in groups. 

We also provide Manhattan Doggy dining service, which can be arranged to accommodate your dog’s dietary needs (you also have the option of bringing your own food). We aim to keep your dog nourished and energized throughout his/her stay. 

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Our paw-approved play areas

The Health and wellness of your doggy is our primary concern at Manhattan Doggy Groom & Room. 

Our play areas are monitored at all times by our qualified and skilled team who engage with the dogs in games, ensuring a safe and tidy environment always.

​Our soft rubber floor covering that provides your dog’s joints with a much better cushioning as opposed to hard cement surface areas. 

Your doggy will never be deprived of any cuddle time or human interaction if you leave him/her with Manhattan’s best daycare for dogs. 

Our daycare also features plenty of natural light and medical quality air filters that help get rid of air-borne germs, so your dog remains happy and healthy throughout their stay at Manhattan Doggy Groom & Room.

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Doggy Requirements

  • All dogs that are 6 months and older must be neutered or spayed

  • Vaccinations: All doggies wanting to participate in day care  need to be up-to-date on all vaccines/shots (Rabies, Bordetella, DHLPP)All dogs must pass a “behavior test”

Discounts are available for multiple dogs. We also provide puppy daycare options if you need. Any questions, please call us at 347-418-0063.

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What do I need to bring on my first visit? 

Shot/vaccination records are required. This can also be emailed to us ahead of time.

What if my dog needs to see the vet?

Your dog will be constantly watched and monitored throughout the stay, so we will let you know if there are any changes in habits.

Should I bring any doggy items with me?

If you bring your own dog food, we will gladly feed your dog. Do not bring your own toys or bed – they might get ruined and Manhattan Doggy Groom & Room has all the facilities to make your dog feel comfortable.

What will my dog do while at your doggy day care? 

Play, play, and play !! From ball throwing, treats, and tons of love and attention, our friendly team of dog lovers will ensure your canine is entertained always. 

Why invest in doggy day care? 

Dogs are pack animals – they need physical activity and socialization. This closely watched “indoor dog park” is the very best location for them to be throughout the day while you’re busy with life.

Where do smaller sized, shy or older dogs play?

Manhattan Doggy Groom & Room separates big paws from little paws. The young puppies and slower dogs will also be separated in their own section, while still having access to beds, toys, and tons of attention.

What vaccinations are needed to go to Manhattan Doggy Groom & Room?

We need 3 vaccinations for our visitors: Rabies, Bordetella, and DHLPP. Your vet can quickly fax or email us these records. Every dog should be devoid of fleas and on a flea preventative program.

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